Church of The Immaculate Heart of Mary

Weekday Masses:
Monday-Friday: 9.30am
Friday 6:30pm (Expect July & August)
Saturday Morning: 10am
Saturday Vigil: 6 pm
Sunday: 9am, 10.30am & 12 noon
Holy Days
Vigil 6:30pm, 9:30am & 6:30pm

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Gift Aid Appeal

Gift Aid Appeal

Having examined the continued growth in parishioner’s generous financial contributions to the Parish, for which we are very grateful, the Parish now claims over £35,000.00 from the treasury in Gift Aid each year.

Whilst the Parish is able to claim a limited amount of Gift Aid from the loose plate, (Money donated without an envelope), it may be possible to claim a further £8,500.00 per year if parishioners who pay tax on their earnings or their savings, not using the envelope system were willing to consider using it in future.

The Government has already taken this money in tax and is willing to give back that tax, with your permission, to any charity to which you have donated.

If you would like to use Offertory Envelopes please call into the Sacristy before or after Mass times