Easter Message

Dear Parishioners,

As we enter into our third week of lockdown. It is an extremely challenging time for so many people. We can no longer gather to celebrate the Eucharist or the Sacraments or even pray in our Church, these elements are central to our lives and our faith and are a great source of nourishment and solace, to all of us.

At a human level it must be particularly difficult for grandparents not to be able to hug their grandchildren, for children not to play with their friends, for students unable to do their examinations and the uncertainty about their future grades. I am conscious too of the difficulty for a lot of people in the golden years of their lives as well as those with underlying health conditions who are self-isolating, for those who have lost their jobs and their income and for whom the future is particularly uncertain. We are all mindful of all those workers who are on the frontline and of all their support and co-keyworkers who are putting their lives at risk each day, as well as the wonderful array of community outreach and supporters who have volunteered to assist.

However in the midst of all the chaos, darkness and uncertainty, we need not forget the words of the Risen Christ recorded in the Gospel of Saint Matthew: “And remember that I am always with you until the end of time.”

What a great gift we have in the gift of faith. Knowing God’s presence among us through it all, is truly a great blessing. We can use this time of uncertainty and trial as an opportunity to look at the foundations on which we build our present and our future; it can be a time to refocus, to open our hearts more fully and allow God to be active in our hearts and lives. We are an Easter people: We are a people of hope. Out of darkness comes light, out of sickness comes health; out of death comes life.

Keeping you in thought and in prayer

Every Grace and Blessing to you and all you love.

Fr. Michael and Fr Sean