Parish Pastoral Council Minutes

Parish Of Drumbo & Carryduff

January 2019 Minutes      approved-minutes-ppc-january-meeting

February 2019 Minutes    approved-minutes-ppc-february-meeting

March 2019 Minutes      approved-minutes-ppc-march-meeting

April 2019 Minutes        approved-minutes-ppc-april-meeting

May 2019 Minutes      approved-minutes-ppc-may-meeting

June 2019 Minutes     approved-minutes-ppc-june-2019-meeting

September 2019 Minutes   approved-minutes-ppc-september-2019-meeting

October 2019 Minutes      approved-minutes-ppc-21-october-2019-meeting

November 2019 Minutes    approved-minutes-ppc-11th-november-2019-meeting

December 2019 Minutes     approved-minutes-ppc-meeting-december-2019

January 2020 Minutes   approved-minutes-ppc-meeting-janurary-2020

February 2020 Minutes   approved-minutes-ppc-meeting-february-2020

There where no meetings held during March & August due to Covid19 and the Summer months

September 2020 Minutes    approved-ppc-minutes-28-09-20

October 2020 Minutes   approved-minutes-ppc-meeting-october-2020

November 2020 Minutes    approved-minutes-23-nov-2020

December 2020 Minutes  approved-minutes-december-2020

January 2021 Minutes   approved-minutes-january-2021

February 2021 minutes approved-minutes-22-february-2021

March 2021 Minutes approved-minutes-15-march-2021-004

April 2021 Minutes approved-minutes-26-april-2021-240521

May 2021 Minutes approved-minutes-24-may-2021

June 2021 Minutes approved-minutes-28-june-2021

October 2021 Minutes approved-minutes-18-october-2021

December 2021 Minutes approved-minutes-20-december-21

January 2022 Minutesapproved-minutes-january-2022

February 2022 Minutes approved-minutes-21-february-2022

March 2022 Minutes approved-minutes-21-march-2022

April 2022 Minutes approved-minutes-april-2022


“A lawyer, to disconcert Jesus, put a question , ‘Master, which is the greatest commandment of the Law?’  Jesus said, ‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.  This is the greatest and the first commandment.  The second resembles it: You must love your neighbour as yourself.  On these two hang the whole Law and the Prophets also’.

Matthew 22:35-40

Parish Of Drumbo & Carryduff